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As the subject of this journal suggests, I'm in Japan. I'm living in Takadanobaba right now. It's a very lively city in the heart of Tokyo. It's way too easy to spend money over here...
I feel nerdy as hell saying this. I feel like Sasuke when he felt like he wasn't improving while everyone else was. "What have I been doing all this time?!" I should have been drawing and studying light and color and other things. I chose my path to be an artist. I can't let my opportunities pass me by. Fellow artists! don't let this happen to you!!!
Always heat it through completely...Or else you'll have a bad stomach ache.
My new icon was made by my room mate Seiji. He used some program that makes icons. I don't know anything about it, but you choose different properties of someone, and I guess the computer makes a cartooney drawing of the person based on what you chose. He managed to get me perfectly. I had to crop it a little bit, because 50x50 is super tiny for an icon. But the original Icon is me holding a steering wheel. I think that fits just right. =)
College life isn't exactly as I expected. It's really awesome, but I haven't met any new people to hang out with since I live in an appartment instead of the University Center...I'm not rich enough to pay $10,000 a year for a dorm room even if it has a pool hall, hot tubs, nice swimming pools, huge screen TVs and a full fledged food court that you might see in a really fancy shopping mall. I haven't been in there, but that's what I've been told was in there. Oh well. The year just started. Maybe I'll meet someone cool who lives there who will get me into the University Center. The security is really insane, so they don't want the risk of a non student entering the building. But anyway, I know alot of Columbia College Chicago students have a deviant page. If any of you people see this message, drop me a message! I'd love to see the food court...I'm hungry...
I can't believe this. I'm in college! And it kicks ass!
Restoring old cars are so much fun. But so much work! I'm currently restoring the body as well as eventually upgrading to an ST185 3S-GTE in my ST162 Celica GT-S. I can't wait until I get everything done!
There are a lot of annoying people out there. Many of which DON'T EVEN KNOW THEY ARE ANNOYING! If you dissagree on something, AGREE TO DISSAGREE!!! Don't try to make the person agree with you, because it ain't gonna happen! You try to be nice, but you just can't keep up the sharade any longer! I try to give everyone a chance. Then they're so damn annoying because to them you aren't allowed to have your own opinion. Well screw them. Stubborn people should just give up on life, die and go straight to hell!

Merry Christmas!
After 3 long years, I finally beat Final Fantasy X. wasn't really 3 years. I started it 3 years ago, got stuck and let it sit until a couple days ago. I'm just glad I beat it so I can move on to FFX-2 or another RPG.
My buddy came by and fixed my Photoshop. The kid is crazy I say. Anyway, the point is, everything is back to normal and I can get back to my art and junk! =)
My Photoshop doesn't work!!! What do I do??? I click the PS icon and it looks like it's about to open...But it doesn't! It shows that eye and it shows it loading all of the tools and stuff, but then it just dissapears! Does anyone know what is happening? I got deleted PS and reloaded it and it is still happening! HELP!!!
I finally turned 18! Don't worry, I don't do bad stuff. So turning 18 didn't really affect my life. Anyhow It's Summer and I'm getting back into my art HARDCORE STYLE YO! =P But yeah, I did get a new scanner for my birthday so that'll make it much easier. Rock and Roll McDonald's yo!
As much as I want to sell my car to get a better one, I can't let go of it. It may not be the best looking thing around, but it was my accomplishment. My friends and I got it to work. If it ends up that I'll keep it, I'll repair the body as well. I believe it'll be worth it...How I want a rear wheel drive car...
Sunday, my best friends got hurt in a car accident. I'm just thankful that all of them are going to be OK. It really freaked me to get a frantic phonecall and all you hear is "...Some bad s*** happened..." It just makes me wonder. I was supposed to be with them, but my parents wanted to go shopping. It's scary how fragile people are...I just hope for a quick recovery for everyone.
Thank you! =)
My ST162(Celica GT-S) is reborn! I'm so glad to have it back. And now in a few seconds, I will return to my home at the 4th generation forums!
Deviantart is sooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooool! I especially love it when they delete stuff of mine that is so obviously what I say it is. Perhaps if they bother to read it, they would know what it is that I am drawing. I just love people who abuse their power. They think hmmm just because it doesn't have humungo eyes and tiny mouths and almost no nose, that isn't anime. What the frack is that?????
I finally found and bought a transmission for my car. This guy has everything I need also. I'm glad I went with my gut and will just fix everything. My friends and I will start work as soon as the tranny arrives in Northbrook! Everyone thinks I own the Initial D car...either because they're dumb...or the fact that it looks really similar to the Hachi-Roku. Either way...I guess the only thing left is to say "The greatest Hachi-Roku look a like will live!!!" =P
Sorry I haven't had any time to draw anything lately. A lot of stuff has been going on. My transmission recently blew up in my car. I can a) Sell it for parts. Or b) repair the transmission. First, all the inquiries for my car have turned out to be pathetic con artists. Second, not many people are really into Japanese 80's sports cars. I really love my car, so I think it would be worth fixing. Transmissions aren't even that expensive for my car too. What to do?...